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About me

My name is Yusuf Khan-Cheema and I am a freelance photographer from the UK (based in Jerez, Spain). Drawing on my passion for aviation and lifelong dream of becoming a pilot, I specialise in capturing aircraft as well as airy and vibrant landscape images.

I am a strong believer in the power of an image to evoke a particular mood or transport the viewer to a location they might not have otherwise experienced. Nevertheless, I also understand the importance of motion to tell a story and create a more immersive experience; hence why I also provide cinematic footage and creative videos using stop-motion techniques to meet your every need.

My unique background as a pilot and geography graduate allow me to capture scenes from a wide variety of perspectives, particularly the aerial views that flying affords. My impeccable attention to detail and hard working nature will ensure you get the high quality content you are looking for. 

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